About Scanpower

Scanpower owns and operates an electricity network supplying 6,720 customer installations in the Tararua region, including Dannevirke, Woodville, Norsewood and the outlying rural areas.

The network covers a geographic area of 2,100 square kilometres and has a current value of $26.6m.

Shares in the company are held by the Scanpower Customer Trust on behalf of all connected customers in the region.

Annual revenue for the year ending 31 March 2015 was $18.66m, with Shareholders’ Equity of $29.45m.

Scanpower employs more than 85 staff directly, as well as operating a network of contractors and staff in joint venture activities.

On an annual basis, the company makes a distribution of funds to local customers by way of an annual network discount. The most recent discount equated to $250 each for typical residential customers.

Scanpower discloses a significant amount of information regarding our activities including our annual asset management plan, statement of corporate intent, pricing information, annual reports and annual regulatory disclosures. These are all available from the Information Disclosures section of this website.